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What types of messages get stubbed when archiving?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00007426


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


When archiving with ArchiveOne, the following message types will be stubbed:
  • Normal Message: This is a normal email message.
  • Message Class is IPM.Note
  • An encrypted message: IPM.Note.SMIME
  • A clear signed message: IPM.Note.SMIME.MultipartSignedVoiceMail: This is a VOIP voicemail that is sent as an email.
  • Original messages taken with audio content by telephone but not as a result of call answering: IPM.Note.Microsoft.Voicemail.UM
  • Original messages taken with Audio content by phone: IPM.Note.Microsoft.Voicemail.UM.CAPublic Folder Message: Messages in a Public Folder.
  • Message Class is IPM.Post
When archiving with ArchiveOne the following message types will be archived but not stubbed (a copy is stored in the archive but no stub is generated in the original location):
  • Appointment: This is a calendar entry or meeting request.
  • Message Classes are IPM.Appointment and IPM.Schedule.MeetingContact: This is a contact.
  • Message Class is IPM.ContactTask: This is an Outlook Task.
  • Message Class is IPM.TaskJournal Entry: This is an Outlook Journal Entry.
  • Message Class is IPM.ActivityNote: This is an Outlook Note.
  • Message Class is IPM.StickyNote