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Quick Link Client is unable to connect to AOnePolQL webservice

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007430


ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.5 or later



The user is unable to retrieve messages via the Quick Link Client (QLC) in Outlook and they may be prompted for credentials (as the QLC attempts to retrieve the data using DCOM with explicit authentication). In the Quick Link Client trace you see the following:

08 15:28:36 7471751 ### Web service call to RetrieveMessage running as integrated authentication

08 15:28:36 7471751 wRetrieve using url 'http://SERVER01/AOnePolQL/Retrieve.asmx'

08 15:28:36 7471752 The following trace relates to the RetrieveMessage variant which includes the ZIP and CMSG names

08 15:28:36 7471752 Repos='Year_2010' ZIP='C:\Repositories\Year_2010\Archive\1\' CMSG='000007_Email_06_of_12_html_pdf_Ba.cmsg'

08 15:28:36 7471753 CallWebserviceThroughWinINet trying file download

08 15:28:57 7546200 PublishThread quitting (not requested or already done or shut down)

08 15:29:07 7582130 CAddin::RetrieveQlInfo - gather the information required

08 15:29:07 7582132 CAddin::RetrieveQlInfo - send the infomation to the server

08 15:29:07 7582133 CAddin::SendQlInfoToService - IN

08 15:29:07 7582134 CAddin::SendQlInfoToService attempt to send info to the web service

08 15:30:12 7815377 Call to RetrieveMessage took 95.996 seconds

08 15:30:12 7815379 RPT:1020 CAddin::InterpretWebServiceResponse - RetrieveMessage() returned Win32 (-2147467259,0x80004005):Unspecified error

08 15:30:12 7815380 Got status code 0

08 15:30:12 7815381 Got client error code 0


The QLC is unable to connect to the AOnePolQL webservice.


The URL and the returned HTTP error will be specified in the trace file in the SOAP URL and SOAP GetStatusCode lines, e.g.:

08 15:28:36 7471751 wRetrieve using url 'http://SERVER01/AOnePolQL/Retrieve.asmx'

08 15:30:12 7815380 Got status code 0

1. Check the URL is correct.

1. The URL for the AOnePolQL webservice should be the same as the Search URL defined in the System Configuration Wizard. You can run the System Configuration Wizard from the ArchiveOne Admin console by right-clicking the Status node and selecting 'Run System Configuration Wizard...'.

2. If the URL is not the same as the one defined in the System Configuration Wizard, then the hidden configuration message in the user's mailbox is potentially missing or incorrect. You should run a policy against the user mailbox to allow the ArchiveOne Service to update the configuration message.If the URL is correct, resolve the HTTP error

1. The HTTP status code is returned in the log file: e.g. Get Status Code:403

2. HTTP 401: Unauthorized

1. The AOnePolQL website should have Anonymous authentication enabled. If you are prompted to authenticate you should confirm that the authentication on the website is correctly set in IIS Manager. If you have a proxy server, you should confirm that you are bypassing any proxy authentication requests.HTTP 403: Forbidden

1. This implies you are trying to access a website that requires SSL without using HTTPS. If SSL is configured in IIS Manager for this website and you have a valid SSL certificate, then you should specify HTTPS on the URL. If you do not have a valid SSL certificate for this address, then you should remove the requirement for SSL from the website in IIS Manager.

1. HTTP 404: Not found

1. The website requested was not found on the server. You should confirm in IIS Manager on the server that the website is correctly configured and the content is in the specified location on disk.HTTP 503: Service Unavailable

1. The web service is not running on the web server. You should confirm in IIS Manager that the ArchiveOne application pool is running and the website is accessible on the local server.It may assist you to copy the URL into a web browser as you will be able to see any authentication prompts, page not found, or SSL certificate errors. The URL must be accessible without user intervention.