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How to reset the ArchiveOne service account password

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  • Date changed: one year ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



This article outlines the steps to take when changing the ArchiveOne service account password. Make a note of the new password and store this securely as this will be required in the future when performing software upgrades.


On the Archive server,

1. Stop the ArchiveOne Monitor Service.

2. Stop the ArchiveOne Service.

3. Stop the ArchiveOne Journal Archiving Service (if it exists).

4. Stop the ArchiveOne PST Service (if it exists).

5. Stop the ArchiveOne Case Manager Service (if it exists).

6. Stop the ArchiveOne Collection Coordinator (if it exists).

7. Stop the ArchiveOne Index Optimizer (if it exists).

8. Stop the ArchiveOneWebSupport (if it exists).

9. Stop the ArchiveOne BMA Service (if it exists).

10. Stop the ArchiveOne CloudDR sync (if it exists).

11. Stop the ArchiveOne Mailbox Permissions Service (if it exists).

12. Stop the SQL Server (C2CArchiveOne) Service (if it exists).

13. Reset the password for the ArchiveOne service account in Active Directory (ADUC).

14. Type the new password in the Log On tab in the Properties for all the services listed above (services.msc).

15. On all the servers that host the Search & Retrieval Website component, run 'AOnePolUpdatePassword.exe' (located in the installation directory, by default 'C:\Program Files\Barracuda\Archive One').

16. Confirm in Active Directory that the user account is not locked out.

17. Start the ArchiveOne Service on the Archive server and make sure you do not receive an error regarding a failure to log on.

18. If successful, start the remaining services that were previously stopped.

Open the ArchiveOne Admin console and confirm the connection to the Exchange server is successful.