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What SQL database permissions does the ArchiveOne service account require?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007448


ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.5 or later


During an install of ArchiveOne you can choose to have SQL Server 2008 R2 Express installed by the preinstaller. If you select this option then the ArchiveOne service account (by default named ArchiveOneAdmin) is automatically given the sysadmin role in the SQL instance that gets installed.

Some organizations may wish to make use of an existing SQL Server instance, in this case we recommend that the ArchiveOne service account is given either the sysadmin role or that the necessary database is precreated and the ArchiveOneAdmin account given the dbcreator role to that precreated database. The reason for recommending (at least) the dbcreator role is that the first thing ArchiveOne service does when starting is to check if the required databases exist by attempting to create them. If the database creation fails as the named database already exists, then ArchiveOne will proceed to create the necessary tables, views, sprocs etc. automatically if they do not exist. Also, in some instances, after an upgrade some changes may be necessary to the database schema, and ArchiveOne needs sufficient privileges in order to do this.