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How can I delete folders from user mailboxes using ArchiveOne

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  • Date changed: one year ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



This article outlines how to forcibly delete folders from users? mailboxes. This can be useful for not only deleting folders ad hoc, but also in scenarios where you have chosen to rename the ?Archive Now?, 'Archive Search? 
or ?Retrieved Messages? folders and want to remove the old ones.

NOTE: This process will only delete folders that are empty. You should ensure the folders (to be deleted) are empty before beginning this process. A folder can be emptied by running a delete policy with Foldername criteria and some other message criteria ? use with caution.


1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin Console.

2. In the left hand pane, right-click on the ?Status? node.

3. From the context menu that appears choose ?Configuration?.

4. Click on the ?Create Folder? tab.

5. Select the bottom radio button ?Delete the specified folder, if it exists, from each enabled mailbox?.

6. Enter the name of the folder you wish to delete into the ?Folder name? textbox.

7. Now each time a policy (any policy) is run against a mailbox, ArchiveOne will delete the named folder if it exists.

If multiple folders are to be deleted then when the first folder is confirmed as deleted in all mailbox (you could check with a List policy of that folder name, run against all enabled mailboxes) simply revisit the configuration dialog and change the folder name to the next one in the list of those you wish to delete.

N.B.: This functionality should be used with caution as carrying out actions on users? mailboxes that they do not expected can result in user confusion.