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Retrievals and other actions fail due to an invalid masterfile in the repository index

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00007457


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



An invalid masterfile in a repository index can cause a number of operations to fail. For instance, the retrieval of an archived message from a particular repository fails. In the ArchiveOne service tracing you see the following:

05 10:41:58 573267 @DCOM006acc18 DetermineSearchMasterFilename::Copying index master 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\MasterFile10.a1i' to search temp 

05 10:41:58 587451 @DCOM006acc18 IsMasterFileEmpty checking size of master file 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\TempSearch_MasterFile10.a1i'

05 10:41:58 602567 @DCOM006acc18 file size of 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\TempSearch_MasterFile10.a1i' is 23536

05 10:41:58 625738 @DCOM006acc18 *** INFO:- opening master file 'TempSearch_MasterFile10.a1i'

05 10:41:58 641537 @DCOM006acc18 GetGuidMessage::Failure opening master index file. Aborting search for message guid '4ECCDF30-1116-4C82-87FC-C3F293D7236D'. Status: -13

05 10:41:58 660888 @DCOM006acc18 FindMessageStruct::Unable to find message for the guid '4ECCDF30-1116-4C82-87FC-C3F293D7236D', Error status 3

The index partition thread also fails to read the masterfile when performing the search optimization:

05 10:41:57 020155 @IndexPartition_102c Retrieving extended files from master file 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\MasterFile10.a1i'

05 10:41:57 025276 @IndexPartition_102c ValidateMasterFile - Starting to validate 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\MasterFile10.a1i'

05 10:41:57 034470 @IndexPartition_102c Master file invalid: Calculated file size '4592' does not match actual file size '23536'

05 10:41:57 039429 @IndexPartition_102c RetrieveExtendedFiles - validation failed.


In this instance, the retrieval is attempting to locate the message in the archive using the message GUID. When searching one of the masterfiles, error -13 (eMagicNumberMismatch) is returned. This indicates that the masterfile is an invalid file or may be corrupt. When performing the search optimization, the expected file size doesn't match the actual file size and the masterfile is considered invalid. This is indicative of data corruption.


If possible the specified file should be restored from backup. The masterfile in question is given in the ArchiveOne service tracing, e.g.:

Copying index master 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\MasterFile10.a1i'

If no backup is available, Barracuda Support can attempt to repair the index.