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New solution request: Archiving fails due to invalid Masterfile

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00007458


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



Archiving fails for a specific repository with the error:

"Initialization of the index engine failed unexpectedly (I)"

The following error can be seen in the ArchiveOne service tracing:

05 10:40:15 128537 @ZipMaker_cbc ValidateMasterFile - Starting to validate 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\TempDuplicate_EAS-SRV-ARCH-01_P\SIMIndex\SIMIndexMaster.a1f'

05 10:40:15 135342 @ZipMaker_cbc Master file invalid: Calculated file size '4592' does not match actual file size '8944'

05 10:40:15 140446 @ZipMaker_cbc ModifyExtendedFilePrefix() - Master file is not valid so aborting further processing

05 10:40:15 148172 @ZipMaker_cbc CreateTempIndexForFastIndex() - Failed modify the prefix for the sim index file 'E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\TempDuplicate_EAS-SRV-ARCH-

01_P\SIMIndex\SIMIndexMaster.a1f'. Aborting processing

05 10:40:15 153611 @ZipMaker_cbc CreateTempIndex() - FAILING because call to CreateTempIndexForFastIndex failed

05 10:40:15 158765 @ZipMaker_cbc Initialise() - Failed to create temporary index duplicate directory

05 10:40:15 164301 @ZipMaker_cbc AOneIndexAPI::DestroyIndexUpdateLock found no lock, not necessarily a problem

05 10:40:15 169579 @ZipMaker_cbc RunZipMaker indexer::Initialise failed


The Masterfile is deemed invalid as the expected file sizes do not match, hence archiving aborts.


The invalid masterfile is likely to be corrupt. If possible the specified file should be restored from backup. The masterfile in question is given in the ArchiveOne service tracing, e.g. the temporary copy is in:


The original masterfile located is therefore located in: E:\ArchiveOne\Repositories\Year_2014\Index\SIMIndex\SIMIndexMaster.a1f

If no backup is available, Barracuda Support can attempt to repair the index.