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Laptop Client fails to synchronize with the error "index was found to be INVALID"

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00007475


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



TheArchiveOne Laptop Client is unable to synchronize with the server. In the Laptop Client activity log, you see the error:

"Index was found to be INVALID."


The index file in the temporary repository folder cannot be accessed. This may for a number of reasons:

*the folder does not exist or is not in the expected location.

*the folder cannot be accessed by the currently logged on user.

*the user is not connected to the network.

*the user has not logged off and on again since the first synchronization.


To resolve the synchronization error, flush the pseudo-repository and synchronize the Laptop Client.

1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console.

2. Select the 'Mailbox Manager' node.

3. Select the user in question and note the values of the 'Offline Base Dir' and 'Offline Local Dir' columns. In the example below, the Server offline directory is located in 
'\\SERVER2\AOnePol_Offline_Repositories\Pseudo_admin_86b70' and the Client offline directory is the user's '%AppData%' folder on the local client machine.

1. Right-click the user and select 'Flush Offline Repository'. This will clear the Server offline directory.

2. On the user's client machine, browse to the Client offline directory. By default this is the user's application data folder in their profile.

For Windows Vista or later, this is:


For Windows XP, this is:

'C:\Documents & Settings\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Barracuda\AOnePol\LocalRepositoryData\<PSEUDO_FOLDERNAME>'

3. Delete the Client offline directory.

By default, only the user themselves or a local Administrator will have the necessary permissions to delete this folder.

4. Returning to the ArchiveOne Admin console, right-click on the 'Status' node and select 'Configure...'.

5. Select the 'Offline Archive' tab and click 'Synchronize now'.

The Offline repository folders will begin to repopulate. Once the synchronization is complete, test the Laptop Client successfully synchronizes on the user's local machine.

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