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How to allow a user to browse and search another user's archive

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00007478


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



If you require access to search another user's archive, you can grant this access permission in the ArchiveOne Admin Console. The user does not have to be enabled for processing in order for another user to view their 


1. On the Archive server, open the ArchiveOne Admin console.

2. Select the 'Mailbox Manager' node.

3. Right-click the user you wish to grant another user access to and select 'Add Users...'. (For example, if User A requires access to User B's Archive, you must right-click User B.)

1. Add the users you wish to be able to access the archive and click 'OK'.

You can now test the configuration by opening the ArchiveOne Search (AOneSearch) website in Outlook or in a browser. You will now be able to run a search against the other user's archive. If you wait until the database updates (or force an update from the console) then you will also be able to see the other user's archive displayed in the search page, alongside your own.