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PRB: Policies report a licence error after an ArchiveOne upgrade

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



After upgrading to a later version of ArchiveOne, you see an error in the first phase when running a policy:

"There is a problem with your license key."

and the second phase reports:

"The service is unable to login."

This is not necessarily a license error. If you have not changed the current system architecture (such as migrating to a different Exchange or ArchiveOne server) then the license 
should not be affected. In addition, you find applying a new licence key does not resolve the error.

During the ArchiveOne upgrade process, it is likely you were prompted to update the MAPI version and subsequently installed the latest MAPI version, before proceeding with the 
ArchiveOne installation.


Updating MAPI during the ArchiveOne installation has not updated the MAPI32.dll in the Windows System correctly and the outdated version of the MAPI32.dll is still present. This usually occurs if the server has previously had Exchange Tools for Exchange 2003 or 2007 installed. MAPI32.dll is not updated when the Exchange Tools are uninstalled or when the latest MAPI CDO is installed.


To confirm whether you are affected by the root cause described above, please carry out the below procedure.

Note:  This involves editing the Windows machine registry. Using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to re-install Windows to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk. It is highly recommended that
you create a backup of the registry before making any changes.

1. Log on to the archive server as the ArchiveOne service account.

2. Download and run Profman2 from [1]

3. Run the extracted Profman.exe.

4. On the New menu, select Profile.

5. Name the profile 'C2C'.

6. Select the created C2C profile in the left hand pane.

7. On the New menu, select Service.

8. Select MSEMS (Microsoft Exchange Server) and click OK.

9. In the Microsoft Exchange server field, enter the server name of an Exchange server with the CAS role.

10. The Mailbox field should already be populated with the ArchiveOne service account name. Click the 'Check Name' button to confirm this successfully resolves.

11. Click OK to save the configuration.

12. Once complete, close the MAPI Profile Manager 2.0 window.

13. Open the Registry Editor by running 'regedit', and browse to:

For ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy): HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AOnePolService\Parameters

For ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance): HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AOneCmplService\Parameters

14. Create a new STRING called "Profile" and set its value to "C2C".

15. In the Windows Services console, restart the Archive One Service for ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy), or Archive One Enterprise (Compliance) Service for ArchiveOne Enterprise 

16. Open the ArchiveOne admin console and run the archiving policy again to confirm this now completes successfully. If the policy still fails, then there is a different underlying cause and you will need to contact C2C Support for further assistance.


If the above diagnostic test restores system functionality, then complete the following process to resolve the root cause by updating MAPI32.dll:

1. On the archive server, check that there are no policies running then stop and disable all the ArchiveOne Services.

2. Open the Registry Editor by running 'regedit' and browse to:

For ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy): HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AOnePolService\Parameters.

For ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance): HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AOneCmplService\Parameters

3. Delete the STRING value called "Profile" created previously in the diagnostic test.

4. Close the Registry Editor.

5. Browse to C:\WINDOWS\System32.

6. Find the file MAPI32.dll and rename it to "MAPI32.old".

7. Copy the file MAPISTUB.dll.

8. Rename the copied MAPISTUB.dll to MAPI32.dll.

9. Enable and restart the ArchiveOne services.

Open the ArchiveOne admin console and rerun the archiving policy to confirm the issue is now resolved.

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