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FAQ: Why do I have to add the search URL to the list of Local Intranet sites in Internet Explorer?

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



Why do I have to add the search URL to the list of Local Intranet Sites in Internet Explorer in order to retrieve archived mail through Outlook?


Typically this requirement is caused by the following characteristic of an organization. The external fully qualified hostname of the organization's front-end Exchange server contains a domain name that is different from the host's internal fully qualified domain name (FQDN). For example, the internal FQDN of the Exchange server may be 'mail.c2c.local', however remote users access OWA through the URL '' (as .local is not a valid Internet TLD).

The Archive One Quicklink Client uses web services (SOAP, HTTP) to send commands to the Archive One Policy server. These commands require authentication in order to be executed. Typically, the user's credentials are sent automatically via Integrated Authentication. By default, Windows will only check for Integrated Authentication on a website if the hostname for that website contains the same domain name as the local workstation. Thus, in the example above, Windows would force the user to enter their credentials rather than automatically send a username and password to a site it does not implicitly trust. By adding the hostname to the list of Local Intranet Sites in IE, we essentially create a white list that gives permission for Windows to send credentials to the front end server processing Archive One commands.