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Freeing disk space on the ArchiveOne server

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  • Date changed: one year ago
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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


If the ArchiveOne server is running low on free disk on C:\ there are some files that you may able to delete or move to reclaim storage:

1.       The Add-ins share

The add-ins share by default is located on C:\. You may decide to move this share to another drive which can be done as follows: How to move the Add-ins share for ArchiveOne Enterprise

If you have no other local storage available, to reduce the disk space utilized by the Add-ins share the following files can be considered for deletion:

·         The Logs directory

o    \\localhost\Add-ins\AOnePol\logs contains the ArchiveOne service tracing. You can delete all the log files (.log and .log.old) from this folder to save storage. To prevent more logs being created in this location, you can disable ArchiveOne service tracing completely:

§  In the ArchiveOne Admin console, right-click the Status node and select Configure?

§  Select the Diagnostics tab and set the trace level to None.

§  In the Microsoft Services console (Services.msc) restart the service ?ArchiveOne Service? to affect the change immediately.

·         The PolicyData directory

o    \\localhost\Add-ins\AOnePol\PolicyData stores the raw data for policy results in CSV and XML files. The results of each policy is stored in its own subfolder named after the policy in this location. Each policy run consists of a .CSV file and a .XML file. You can delete these files, however the historical policy results these relate to will no longer be available to view.

o    By default policy results are deleted after 90 days. To change the period for which policy results are stored:

§  In the ArchiveOne Admin console, right-click the Status node and select Configure?

§  Select the Manage Policy Results tab and set the number of days for which you wish to keep files.

2.       The Server Data Location

The server data location is used for temporary data and is specified in the System Configuration Wizard. By default this is in the installation directory, C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\ArchiveOne. You can move the Server data location to another local drive (it is not recommended to use a UNC path for performance reasons), as per: How to change the server temporary data location

3.       The Audit Data

The auditing data can be stored as CSV files or in a SQL database. If you are using a SQL database and there is a connectivity issue preventing event data from being committed, files will be written to the AOnePolAudit folder in the installation directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\ArchiveOne\AOnePolAudit) to ensure that these events are not lost. The presence of files in this folder indicates that there is an issue writing data to the SQL database.

If you do not require auditing data, you can delete any files in the AOnePolAudit directory and turn off auditing:

1.       In the ArchiveOne Admin console, right-click the Status node and select Configure?

2.       Select the Audit Level tab and set the level to None.