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How to reconfigure ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance) for a different Exchange server

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Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, v6.5 and earlier


ArchiveOne connects to a specified Exchange server. For Exchange 2010, this may be a CAS array rather than a specific CAS server. If you wish to, you can change the Exchange server ArchiveOne connects to by uninstalling and reinstalling.

To reinstall ArchiveOne to change the configured Exchange server:

1. You will need to note your existing configuration prior to uninstalling so you can re-enter these details during the installation of the new version: 

HOWTO: Determine the current ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance) configuration

2. Having noted your existing configuration, you can now uninstall the existing version of ArchiveOne.

1. On the archive server, open the Control Panel.

2. Select the 'Uninstall a program' link under Programs.

3. Select 'ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance)' in the Programs list and click 'Uninstall'.Once uninstalled, now install the new version of ArchiveOne on the Archive server: 


Install ArchiveOne Enterprise (Compliance)

1. During installation, enter the same configuration information as noted in step 1 to maintain the existing configuration, but specifying the new Exchange server name.

Once you have completed the installation, ArchiveOne will then be configured to connect to the new Exchange server.

Test the System functionality to ensure correct operation. It is suggested you:

*Run a System Health report and review any warnings or failures.

Run immediate archiving and confirm it completes successfully.

*Confirm you can run an 
archive search and retrieve a message successfully

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