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How to move the ArchiveOne Search and Retrieval website

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Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


The Search & Retrieval Website is an IIS-based application that enables users to retrieve their archived items. It can be run either on the server hosting the ArchiveOne Service or on another server(s). For instance, if you have an externally accessible Outlook Web Access (OWA) installation and you are intending for users to connect to an OWA front-end server(s) and retrieve archived items, you will need to install the Search and Retrieval Website onto the front-end server(s). You may need to relocate the Search & Retrieval website to a new server(s), for instance if your infrastructure changes.

To move the Search & Retrieval website to a new server:

1. Install the Search & Retrieval websites on the new server as follows: 

HOWTO: Install the Search & Retrieval website on another server.

2. If you are installing the Search & Retrieval websites on a new server with a different address, you will need to run the System Configuration Wizard from the ArchiveOne Admin console to update the Search & Retrieval website address as follows: 

HOWTO: Change the Search & Retrieval website location.

3. If you have modified the Search & Retrieval website address, you can update existing message stubs to the new address by running a Message Link Reconfiguration policy as follows: 

HOWTO: Update the retrieval link address in archived messages.

Once you have confirmed that archived messages are successfully retrieved from the new website location, you can uninstall ArchiveOne from the server hosting the old websites.

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