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How to reconfigure ArchiveOne Enterprise for migration to Exchange 2010 or later

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Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


If you are migrating to Exchange 2010 or later from older versions of Exchange, ArchiveOne will need to be reconfigured as part of your Exchange migration.

N.B. This process only applies to on-premises Exchange deployments. For migrations to Exchange Online, see:

HOWTO: Reconfigure ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) for migration to Exchange Online

To migrate ArchiveOne to Exchange 2010 or later:

1. Before migrating your user mailboxes to Exchange 2010/2013, you may need to prepare the messsage stubs within the mailboxes for migration.

2. If you have archived messages in mailboxes which were archived with older versions of ArchiveOne, see:

PRB: Mailbox with archived items cannot be migrated to Exchange 2010 due to too many 'corrupt' messagesMigrate the user mailboxes, including the ArchiveOne Service account mailbox, to the Exchange 2010 server.

3. If you do not know which is the ArchiveOne Service account:

HOWTO: Determine the current ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) configurationReconfigure ArchiveOne to connect to the Exchange 2010/2013 server:

HOWTO: Reconfigure ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) for a different Exchange serverIf required, move the Search & Retrieval websites to the server hosting Exchange 2010/2013 Outlook Web Access (OWA):

HOWTO: Install the Search & Retrieval website on another server

Once the migration has been completed, confirm the system functionality by testing message retrievals and running an archiving policy.

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