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How to configure and use Browse Archive

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Scope: ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions


The Browse Archive functionality presents a folder hierarchy in the ArchiveOne Search website so the user can browse through a visual representation of their archive. The folders represent the original location in the mailbox the message was archived from. This information is stored in a SQL database and is synchronized on a scheduled basis. The synchronization examines the repositories and creates an entry in the Browse Archive database for each item in the archive. The Browse Archive database can therefore be deleted and rebuilt as it is generated by analyzing the repositories.


To configure Browse Archive:

1. Open the ArchiveOne Admin console, right-click the 'Status' node and select 'Configure...'.
2. Select the 'Browse Archive' tab.

Browse Archive

1. 'Database server' is the SQL server instance used to store the Browse Archive database. Click 'Verify' to confirm the ArchiveOne service can connect to the specified instance. You will receive a confirmation message if the connection is successful.

Successful Connection

1. 'Current schedule' displays the current date/time for the schedule synchronization of the Browse Archive database.
2. Click 'Schedule' to modify the current scheduled synchronization date/time.

Browse Archive database update schedule

1. Click 'Update Now' to begin a manual synchronization of the Browse Archive database. You will receive a confirmation message that the synchronization has been started.
2. Click 'Status' to view the current synchronization status.

3. From the Status window, you can click 'Flush' to delete the entire contents of the Browse Archive database.
4. Once flushed, you can click 'Start' to begin the synchronization again and the database will be repopulated. If you flush the Browse Archive database, it may take some time to fully synchronization again depending on the number of items stored in the archive.
5. To stop a synchronization currently in progress, click 'Stop'.
6. Click 'Close' to close the Status window.

Browse Archive update status

When a user accesses the AOneSearch website, the folder structure they see is provided by querying the Browse Archive database. If the database is not fully synchronized, more recently archived data may not be represented in the folder hierarchy as it has not yet been added to the Browse Archive database.

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