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What data should I backup for ArchiveOne for Files?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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Scope: ArchiveOne for Files, all versions



Once you have installed and configured ArchiveOne for Files, there is certain data that you should backup to ensure that you can recover your ArchiveOne implementation in the event of a system failure. The following locations must be backed up for disaster recovery purposes:

·         Repositories

o   Repositories contain all your data archived by ArchiveOne. Repositories consist of both data and index directories and can be located on any NTFS, SAN or NAS device. Any location containing repository data should be backed up. To confirm the repository storage locations, check the repository properties from the Repositories node in the ArchiveOne for Files management console.

·         Installation directory on the Data Processing server

o   By default, the installation directory is ?C:\Program Files (x86)\C2C Systems\Archive One NG?. All files and sub-folders in this directory should be backed up as there is configuration data stored in this location.


There is no data on the File Agents which requires backup. In the event of a disaster recovery, the File Agent should simply be reinstalled. The configuration will still be maintained despite re-installation as this is not stored on the File Agent server itself.


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