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PRB: Archiving phase failing with MAPI error 0x8004011d

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution # 00007603

Scope: PRB: Archiving phase failing with MAPI error 0x8004011d



On a recurring and regular basis the archiving phase will fail the error "The service could not create a connection to Exchange". When you restart the ArchiveOne Service, the archiving completes successfully however, the error keeps recurring some time later. Examining the log files you see:

29 08:38:55 260427 @ZipMaker_b18 c2c_HrOpenStoreFromGuid lphSession->OpenMsgStore failed 0x8004011d
29 08:38:55 267716 @ZipMaker_b18 Extended error string: The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed.
29 08:38:55 274263 @ZipMaker_b18 Extended error component: Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
29 08:38:55 280791 @ZipMaker_b18 Extended error low level code: 0x0
29 08:38:55 287274 @ZipMaker_b18 Extended error context: 0x512


The ArchiveOne Service reaching the NSPI connection limit and prevent new connections from being formed.


To resolve this error, see:

Understanding NSPI Connection Limit Reached.

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