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Unarchive or retrieval of a message failing due to blank repository definition

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution # 00007605

Scope: Unarchive or retrieval of a message failing due to blank repository definition



When attempting to retrieve a message or run an unarchive policy this fails. In the ArchiveOne Service tracing you see the following:

29 12:21:42 008128 @dc4 CAMComplianceServer::GetIniVars for repository 'Year_2015'
29 12:21:42 010857 @dc4 CAMComplianceServer::GetIniVars storage is online and zip location is ''
29 12:21:42 013645 @dc4        CAMComplianceServer::GetIniVars found ZipLocation EMPTY - ABORTING operation
29 12:21:45 079200 @dc4 UnarchiveOneMessage completed with status 6:ACSS_ZIP_NOT_AVAILABLE
29 12:21:45 080866 @dc4 UnarchiveArch2 not found message using zip/cmsg, trying searching the index
29 12:21:46 065427 @dc4 UnarchiveArch2::Unable to find message for the guid '841F767C-DEDD-11DE-B510-0050569A6939', Error status 13

The Archive directory for the repository is not defined and the message is not found in any other defined repositories so the retrieval or unarchive fails.


When retrieving or unarchiving a message, the original CMSG file in the .ZIP stored in the repository must be located. In this instance, the Archive directory for the repository where the archived message resides is blank.


To correct the repository configuration:

1. In the ArchiveOne Admin console, select the Mailbox Repositories node.
2. Right-click the repository in question and select 'Run Repository Configuration Wizard...'.

3. The repository name is given in the line 'GetIniVars for repository'XXXX' in the log.Click Next and ensure the Index location and Archive location paths are correctly defined.Complete the wizard and click Finish to save the configuration.

Now rerun the unarchive policy or retrieve the message again to confirm this is now resolved.

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