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Barracuda Backup

Offsite Replication

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While the main purpose of a backup is to create a secondary copy of data and critical systems that can be recovered in the event that something happens to the primary copy, a backup is not sufficient if there is a wider site-level disaster. The secondary copy or backup may get destroyed together with the primary production data, and you will have no backups from which data can be recovered. It is important to have at least one offsite copy of all data and systems backed up with Barracuda Backup.

Barracuda Backup recommends that you follow the 3-2-1 rule to create a successful data protection and disaster recovery plan:

  • 3: You must have at least 3 copies of your data: the original production data and 2 backups.
  • 2: You must use at least 2 different types of media to store the copies of your data, for example, the local Barracuda Backup device and cloud storage.
  • 1: You must keep at least 1 backup offsite, for example, in the cloud or in a remote site.

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