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Barracuda Backup

How to Resolve Low Disk Space

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If the Barracuda Backup appliance drives run out of space, backups cannot complete and will fail. A low disk space notification is sent when the Barracuda Backup appliance reaches 80% capacity and above. Following are several options to combat this issue:

Review Retention Policies

Verify a retention policy is applied to all data sources. If a source does not have a retention policy applied to it, all data from that source is retained forever.

  • For example, if you initially back up 100GB of data and 5GB of changed data daily, after 30 days with no retention policy you will have a total of 250GB for the source. 
  • Go to the Backup > Retention Policies page in the web interface and verify that each source has a retention policy applied to it.
  • Additionally, you can contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support and request verification that each data source on the Barracuda Backup appliance has a retention policy.

Remove Large Files

Determine which data sources are backing up the largest files – see Large Items Reports for more information.

  • Go to Reports > Large Items to review which sources are backing up the largest files. You can then determine if these files need to be backed up and exclude them, or lower the retention policy applied to the source. 

Review Large Servers

Determine which servers are using the most space.

  • Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support and request to have a usage report generated for your Barracuda Backup appliance. This report displays the amount of space used by each backup data source. Additionally, this report shows which server is retaining the most historic data kept per the retention policy.
  • Modify your retention policies by source basis to manage disk usage.

Enable Offsite Vaulting

Determine if replicating data offsite would be of beneficial to your organization – see Offsite Vaulting for more information.

  • Offsite vaulting leverages Barracuda's replication technology to offload up to twelve monthly and seven yearly revisions to an offsite location, freeing up disk space on your local Barracuda Backup appliance. This feature maintains your organization's compliance with long retention policies, allowing you to save more daily and weekly revisions. Note that offsite vaulting is available for both Barracuda Cloud and site-to-site replication. Offsite vaulting can be used for 12 monthly and 7 yearly historical revisions; these revisions are retained at the end of each calendar month and year.

If you determine that all of the above suggestions are in place and all settings are correct, and you are continuing to run low on space, it may be time to look at upgrading to the next model with increased disk capacity.

If you are unable to determine what is causing your server to run low on space, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support and a technician can assist with troubleshooting.



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