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Barracuda Backup

How to Change the Barracuda Backup Agent Port Number

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This article describes how to resolve the service start error 112.


You encounter the following error when installing the Barracuda Backup Agent on a server or workstation in your environment:

Barracuda Backup Agent setup received error "112 Service Error" while attempting to start service.


You may be running software that uses port 5120 on the selected system which is causing a conflict and generating the error.


If port 5120 is in use by another piece of software on your data source, Barracuda Networks recommends configuring the Barracuda Backup Agent to use port 5121.

Step 1.  Determine the Ports Used by the System

Use the following steps to configure the port:

  1. Log into the system where you received the error, and launch a web browser.
  2. Go to the downloads page on the Microsoft TechNet site, and download and install TCPView.
  3. Launch TCPView; the ports that the system is currently using display in the web interface.
  4. Review the list. If you see that port 5120 is in use, change the port number in the config.ini file as described in step 2.
Step 2. Add the Alternate Port Number config.ini

Use the following steps to change the port number through the config.ini file:

  1. On the system where you received the error, locate the config.ini file, usually found in the C:\Program Files\Barracuda\Barracuda Backup Agent\config folder.
  2. Open config.ini in a text editor such as Notepad, and add the line port='port number' beneath the [configuration] options. For example:
  3. Save and close the file.
Step 3. Restart Services
  1. Log into the system again.
  2. Restart the Barracuda Backup Agent service.
Step 4. Update Data source
  1. Log into Barracuda Backup, select the associated Barracuda Backup Server in the left pane, and go to the Backup > Sources page.
  2. In the right pane, click Edit to the right of the system where the error occurred.
  3. In the Computer Name field, append the IP address with the port number added in Step 2 above.
    For example, if your IP address is '', and you added the line 'port=5121' to the config.ini file, update the Computer Name field as follows:
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