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Barracuda Backup

How to Increase Backup Performance

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It can take longer to back up multiple small files in comparison to one large file. To improve performance during backup:

  • Turn off virus scanning on Windows systems, this can double performance
  • Upgrade network interface card (NIC) drivers to the latest release

    Barracuda has encountered issues with several server network cards which were resolved by upgrading the network driver.

  • Increase system background performance over foreground performance
    • Uninstall unused/unnecessary programs
    • Remove unnecessary files using a program such as Disk Cleanup to remove temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and to remove other unnecessary items
    • Run fewer programs when the Backup is scheduled to run
  • Apply the latest service packs and system patches
  • Review data fragmentation levels; you can set Disk Defragmenter to run on a schedule or run it manually
  • If appropriate, add secondary physical disks to the system to increase performance
  • Add additional memory to the system
  • Use RAID devices for greater throughput
  • Review the system controller
  • Install the Barracuda Agent on a less used partition rather than a heavily used partition
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