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Barracuda Backup

Firmware Upgrade Policy

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Verify you are running at least the Legacy Release firmware to ensure compatibility with the Barracuda Backup cloud UI and services such as replication. Firmware versions older than the latest Legacy Release are not supported.

Energize Updates

Barracuda Backup requires an Energize Updates subscription for firmware upgrades and Technical Support. Energize Updates are also required to maintain compatibility with the Barracuda Backup Cloud (accessed through login.barracuda.com). Barracuda Backup performs updates to the cloud  to maintain compatibility with the latest legacy, general, or early release firmware versions. Barracuda Backup devices with expired Energize Updates running unsupported firmware versions may experience difficulties using the Barracuda Backup Cloud for management as well as services such as data replication.

This does not apply to the local web-based management interface which is accessible for restores or the Local Control management option. 

If your Energize Updates Subscription expires, contact Barracuda Sales to renew your subscriptions.

Note that Barracuda Backup devices managed using Local Control (independent of Barracuda Cloud Control) has access to firmware releases on a delayed schedule.

Automatic Firmware Upgrades

Barracuda Backup enables administrators to perform manual upgrades at a time that is convenient, however, Barracuda performs automatic upgrades for Barracuda Backup devices with an active Energize Update subscription if they are running unsupported firmware versions.

After a major firmware version has completed the rollout phase, Barracuda sends an upgrade notification, providing 30-day's notice before the upgrade takes place. This notification includes information on new features, bug fixes, and end-of-life announcements. You must subscribe to email notices to receive the upgrade notifications.

Devices connected via site-to-site replication must be running matching firmware versions to ensure compatibility.

Firmware Release Example

Note that the information listed in the table below may not be current. Go to the System > Firmware Settings page in the web interface for the latest firmware availability.

To view all historical firmware releases, refer to Minimum Supported Versions and Historic Releases.

Major Firmware Latest Maintenance Release Firmware Upgrade
Version 6.4 6.4.06 Early Release
Version 6.3 6.3.04 General Release
Version 6.2 6.2.04 Legacy Release

Early Release firmware is subject to partial testing. Be aware of the risks before upgrading as firmware versions cannot be reverted.



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