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Barracuda Backup

Local Control Deployment

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Local Control is no longer available to new customers, but will continue to be supported for existing customers.

The articles in this section refer to Barracuda Backup Legacy Release firmware or newer.

See also: Understanding Local Control

Local Control is not supported for Barracuda Backup Vx.

Enable Local Control to manage your Barracuda Backup Server independently of Barracuda Networks Cloud in a "connectionless" state. You enable Local Control during the Barracuda Backup appliance linking process. For more information, see the Backup Quick Start Guide included with the device.

Once you enable Local Control during the Barracuda Backup linking process, it can only be undone by wiping the unit completely and relinking the device. For more information, see How to Wipe a Barracuda Backup System.

Before getting started, verify you have a Barracuda Cloud Control Account that you have the necessary equipment.

Initial configuration requires an Internet connection using ports 80/443 TCP and 1194 TCP/UDP to activate your Barracuda Backup appliance. Once activated through the linking process, the appliance goes into an offline state and an Internet connection is no longer required.

Use the following steps to enable Local Control to manage the appliance independently of Barracuda Cloud Control:

  1. Go to https://login.barracuda.com/, and log in with your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click Backup in the left pane. If this is your first time linking a Barracuda Backup appliance, click Start Backup setup; otherwise, click the Backup (backup_icon.png) tab, and go to Admin > Activate Backup Product.
  3. Enter the Serial number and Linking code from the sticker on the back of the Quick Start Guide included with the appliance, and indicate your Identity. Click Continue.

  4. Enter the appliance Location and Time Zone.

  5. Turn on Enable Local Control. under Device Management.

    Important: Replication is limited to site-to-site.

  6. Enter your Billing Information and read and accept the Terms and conditions.
  7. The linking process may take a few minutes to complete. Wait until the Dashboard page appears, indicating that the Barracuda Backup appliance is successfully linked to your account. A green light next to the Barracuda Backup appliance on the Dashboard page indicates that your Barracuda Backup appliance is successfully connected.


Continue with Barracuda Backup Configuration.




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