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Barracuda Backup

What's New in Barracuda Backup

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What's New in Version 6.5.00

Released September 18, 2018

For the best experience, upgrade all devices attached to an account or replicating site-to-site to the same firmware version.

Important: This release does not support locally controlled Barracuda Backup devices. The current Local Control release for Barracuda Backup is firmware version 6.4.03.

Be advised that the firmware upgrade to 6.5.00 from any version prior to 6.4.06 requires all data sources protected using the Barracuda Backup Agent to undergo a data verification check, known internally as a second-pass backup, on the next scheduled backup. The one-time data verification check will cause increased backup windows. For this reason, Barracuda recommends upgrading device firmware over a weekend or during a scheduled maintenance period.

The following enhancements have been added in Barracuda Backup 6.5.00:

  • Private encryption of cloud data
  • Automated migration option for cloud data and configuration
  • Barracuda Backup Agent security enhancements
  • Enhanced single file downloads to support browser restart capability
  • Improvements to support tunnel stability and user experience

The following issues have been resolved in Barracuda Backup 6.5.00:

  • [BNBS-36427] Hung VMware backup reports due to segfault in backup process
  • [BNBS-33520] Support tunnel incorrectly binding to incorrect port causing conflicts between processes
  • [BNBS-33655] Subscription expiration date on dashboard showing as "Invalid date"
  • [BNBS-36363] Hung backup reports in web UI due to incorrect report data transfer
  • [BNBS-35277] Agent backups failing on UNC paths in System State
  • [BNBS-34855] VMware backup jobs failing when a VM is no longer present
  • [BNBS-35821] VMware historical revisions selected for offsite vaulting are not being purged locally
  • [BNBS-36716] Incorrect NTP server values causing time sync issues on some Barracuda Backup devices
  • [BNBS-29234] Slow load performance of VM list in Cloud LiveBoot VM selection dialog
  • [BNBS-30847] Restores of VMware VMs backed up on vSAN failing
  • [BNBS-24302] Network File Share backups can fail when encountering a single directory with a higher than average number of files and sub-directories
  • [BNBS-33690] User accounts fail to sync to the local Barracuda Backup device if notifications for that user are disabled
  • [BNBS-35491] Restores of offsite vaulted data can fail if first attempt at part retrieval fails (retry logic issue)
  • [BNBS-33577] VMware CBT backups not properly verifying the existence of previously backed up parts
  • [BNBS-35355] Non-critical backup errors for Agent backups are not being reported properly
  • [BNBS-25701] Microsoft Hyper-V .avhd and .avhdx files not displayed in the Restore Browser
  • [BNBS-35776] Microsoft Hyper-V backups failing when VMs are configured using UNC paths
  • [BNBS-33469] VMware VMs using a virtual SATA controller fail to restore
  • [BNBS-33893] VMware VMs backed up with multiple virtual hard disks are only being restored with one hard disk in some cases
  • {BNBS-16858] Hyperlinks to SQL databases in backup reports are not properly going to the object in the Restore Browser
  • [BNBS-37483] Slow performance when transferring statistical and report data used in the web UI
  • [BNBS-31140] The Current Tasks widget on the dashboard should not show Replication as "In Progress" if there is no binary data in the offsite transfer queue
  • [BNBS-33960] Unable to successfully link replacement devices when the option to migrate only the configuration is selected
  • [BNBS-35828] Invalid time zone of ' ' prevents backup jobs from running
  • [BNBS-31165] Backups failing when encountering nested volumes on btrfs filesystems
  • [BNBS-35313] Connection issues between ESXi host and Barracuda Backup during backup reads causing backups to fail in some cases
  • [BNBS-35906] Transfer graphs on dashboard not loading for AWS replication destinations
  • [BNBS-35267] UUID sometimes being displayed in Restore Browser instead of file/object name
  • [BNBS-35411] Unable to remove offsite replication partners after a migration
  • [BNBS-35424] "Changed block tracking is not enabled" warning in backup reports used in cases where CBT cannot be used for different reasons or CBT is not being used at all
  • [BNBS-25907] Offsite replication destinations/targets should display serial number instead of id used internally by Barracuda
  • [BNBS-35562] Bare metal restore failing when the system has an EFI partition with a volume GUID

The following are known issues in Barracuda Backup 6.5.00:

  • [BNBS-37698] Restores from replication partners may fail if parts are not present locally. (When data is sent to both a cloud destination and another Barracuda Backup device, Barracuda will attempt to pull file parts from the cloud if they cannot be found on the Barracuda Backup replication partner during a restore job. If private encryption of cloud data is configured for the cloud target, the restore will fail as the parts are privately encrypted.)   

What's New in Version 6.4.06

The following enhancements have been added to version 6.4.06

  • Improved activation of Barracuda Backup devices and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

  • Barracuda Backup macOS Agent

  • Support for VMware vSphere 6.7


  • Incorrect storage usage numbers reported after upgrades from 6.2.04 to 6.4.05. [BNBS-34837]
  • The RAID status is not being updated for new Barracuda Backup devices that replaced a device with a critical RAID status. [BNBS-34398]
  • The backup size for Microsoft SQL backups using VDI are being reported incorrectly. [BNBS-34054]
  • LDAP referral errors in Microsoft Exchange Message-Level backups cause an unnecessary number of warnings in backup reports. [BNBS-32835]
  • Restoration of directories containing hundreds of thousands of files or more is failing due to inefficient memory consumption. [BNBS-32694]
  • Incorrect disk usage reported due to missing directory. [BNBS-32636]
  • Barracuda Backup devices showing as offline in UI, despite being online and functional. [BNBS-30547]
  • When configuring an external interface on Cloud LiveBoot VMs, IP, Subnet, and MAC address information is not displaying correctly [BNBS-29656]

Known Issues

  • Default energy setting in mac OS High Sierra and Sierra causes the disk(s) to sleep and the Barracuda Backup mac OS Agent to lose its connection back to the local Barracuda Backup device. [BNBS-35379]
  • mac OS Agent will report non-critical errors and fail to backup '/private' directory. [BNBS-35345]
    • Workaround: Deselect the /private directory in the backup schedule or create an exclusion rule for the /private directory to prevent non-critical backup errors from appearing in the backup report.
  • Inconsistent delivery of daily Backup Summary Reports. [BNBS-33856]

What's New in Version 6.4.05

The following features have been added to version 6.4.05

  • Replication to AWS support for EMEA region [BNBS-30053]
  • Automated migrations: User can choose not to migrate [BNBS-30015]
  • Automated migrations: User can select to migrate configuration only [BNBS-30016]
  • Admin is notified when a backup job takes more than 24 hours to complete [BNBS-27008]
  • Advanced selections: specify a path to back up [BNBS-28914]


  • Barracuda Backup Appliance model 790 linking as Cloud-to-Cloud Backup [BNBS-32753][BNBS-30773]
  • Restore Browser does not properly show some data backed up after backup failure [BNBS-30961]
  • File System backups can hang due to failing health status [BNBS-30830]
  • Downloading certain directories will fail in the web UI; use Local UI for these items [BNBS-30453]
  • Backup job fails due to failed mount path [BNBS-30349]
  • Backup Agent can get stuck in a rebuild loop [BNBS-30124]
  • Offline email notifications sometimes not sending [BNBS-29815]
  • Purge on demand fails on the Large Items page [BNBS-29786]
  • Cannot add port to replication settings [BNBS-23394]
  • Audit log entries stored in incorrect time zone [BNBS-21175]
  • Differential SQL VSS backups should display the changed size and not the full database size in the Backup Report and Restore Browser [BNBS-16331]
  • Incorrect timestamp for non-incremental restores in Restore Browser [BNBS-29533]

Known Issues

  • Large Items page does not load in the local UI: view in the web UI [BNBS-32638]

What's New in Version 6.4.04


  • Unable to restore VM that does not exist on the host [BNBS-29952]
  • Backup reports can fail to send [BNBS-29655]
  • Cloud LiveBoot does not prefetch all disks [BNBS-29622]
  • File Systems can fail to restore from the Local UI [BNBS-29562]
  • Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) not excluded from backup [BNBS-29242]
  • Report shows successful when backup fails with 0 btyes of data [BNBS-29096]
  • Verbose Agent error description in Backup Reports [BNBS-29056]
  • Cloud LiveBoot displays incorrect machine state [BNBS-28820]
  • Support for Hyper-V Cloud LiveBoot non-primary boot disks [BNBS-28756]
  • Agent per-object schedules can cause purger to incorrectly remove runs for database objects [BNBS-28611]
  • Open support tunnel can fail in the Local UI [BNBS-28577]
  • Summary reports are sometimes incomplete or not sending [BNBS-28483]
  • Web records can show inaccurately due to caching [BNBS-27998]
  • LiveBrowse not working with VHDX files [BNBS-27592]
  • Backups with FQDN can fail to connect to the agent after upgrade [BNBS-17102]

Known Issues

  • File System backups can hang due to failing health status [BNBS-30830]
  • Cannot add port to replication settings [BNBS-23394]
  • Purge on demand fails on the Large Items page [BNBS-29786]
  • Downloading certain directories will fail in the web UI - use Local UI for these items [BNBS-30453]

What's New in Version 6.4.03

  • This release adds several fixes that were identified in 6.4.02.
  • Version 6.4.03 is the latest (current) local control release

What's New in Version 6.4.02

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.4.2

  • Replication and Restore to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Replication to AWS (S3) – Barracuda Backup now supports replication to AWS as replication option in addition to Barracuda Cloud
    • Restore to AMI – Restore Barracuda Backup virtual image backups to an AWS EC2 instance


  • Open support tunnel from the web UI [BNBS-28823]
  • SMB versions 2 and 3 support [BNBS-28423]
  • Cloud LiveBoot HyperV: VHDX Generation 2 support [BNBS-27388]
  • Link to purge items directly from the Large Items report [BNBS-27013]


  • Backup jobs fail due to other process [BNBS-29081]
  • Multi-select restore fails without timestamp [BNBS-28587]
  • Warn before offsite vaulted data is removed by a user [BNBS-28573]
  • Once enabled, Offsite Vaulting cannot be disabled. [BNBS-28571]
  • Backup schedules skipped intermittently [BNBS-28557]
  • Summary reports not sending for some schedules [BNBS-27904]
  • LiveBrowse not working with vhdx files [BNBS-27592]
  • Show custom retention policies in the web UI [BNBS-26935]

What's New in Version 6.4.00

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.4

  • New Barracuda Backup Dashboard and Overview pages
  • Physical Barracuda Backup to Receiver Vx Replication

    • Available on Barracuda Backup models 190 through 690

    • Receiver Vx can be provisioned directly from within the web UI

    • Priced as an additional subscription added to the Barracuda Backup


  • HTTPS support for uploading a CA-signed certificate in Local UI
  • Virtual Barracuda Backup can now replicate to and from a physical Barracuda Backup


  • Summary reports display incorrect share names [BNBS-27913]
  • VSS SQL Backup does not fail when Differential chain is broken, causing incomplete revisions [BNBS-14279]
  • Message Level schedules shown in duplicate [BNBS-22684]
  • Cloud LiveBoot list of virtual machines does not always load [BNBS-27669]
  • Uncaught Message-level exception causes backup failure [BNBS-27371]
  • User roles created in the web UI do not sync locally for Helpdesk and Overview users [BNBS-28391]
  • VSS SQL Backup does not fail when Differential chain is broken, causing incomplete revisions [BNBS-14279]
  • Summary reports not sending for some schedules [BNBS-27904]
  • Bare Metal Restore ignores drive selections [BNBS-16441]
  • Sending multiple email alerts after firmware upgrade [BNBS-27633]
  • Bare Metal Restore ignores drive selections [BNBS-16441]
  • Uncaught message-level errors cause backup failure [BNBS-27170]
  • Agent fails on VSS components containing relative paths [BNBS-27304]
  • "No disks found" for LiveBoot causes boot failure [BNBS-27861]

What's New in Version 6.3.04

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.3.04

  • Cloud LiveBoot updated web interface and support for Microsoft Hyper-V
  • LiveBoot updated web interface
  • Added Helpdesk and Status user roles
  • Support for VMware vSphere version 6.5

What's New in Version 6.3

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.3

  • Performance enhancements

    • New Backup Agent introduces multi-streaming improving initial backup and restore times

    • New replication queueing system eliminates bottlenecks with highly transactional data sets

    • File shares backups with large directory trees spawn streams more efficiently

  • Backup Export Tool expanded functionality

    • Archive to AWS Storage Gateway-VTL

    • Added support for VMware image exports

  • Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365

    • Microsoft SharePoint Online

  • Other enhancements

    • Multi-account management view switcher

    • Hyper-V restores to an alternate host

    • SQL VDI flat file restores from web UI

    • Ability to boot a virtual machine Clone using Barracuda LiveBoot

What's New in Version 6.2

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.2

  • On-Demand Purging
  • Granular Scheduling – Item selection has moved to the backup schedule which allows you to granularly select specific sets of data to back up and the ability to configure multiple schedules for each source, each with different sets of data selected
  • Keep or Remove Data Options in Granular scheduling
  • Manually Send a Summary Report
  • Configure Daily Summary Reports
  • Download a Detailed Backup Report
  • Configure Agent-Based Data Sources
  • New VMware Data Source Configuration

What's New in Version 6.1

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.1

  • Barracuda introduces Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
  • Back up historical revisions to external media using Yosemite Server Backup
  • Support physical to virtual restores to VMware and Hyper-V with the Barracuda Backup Agent
  • Backup Export Tool Archive allows you to export historical revisions of data backed up and stored on a Barracuda Backup appliance
  • Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365
    • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    • Microsoft Exchange Online

What's New in Version 6.0

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 6.0

  • New web interface look and feel
  • Improved Hyper-V Support
    • Browse Hyper-V VHD files through the Restore Browser
  • Local Control
    • Manage Barracuda Backup in a cloudless state
    • Replicate data from one or more Local Control appliances
    • Configure alternate rate limits
    • SMTP Server configuration
  • Generate large item reports

What's New in Version 5.4

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 5.4

  • Offsite Vaulting
    • Store older backup data revisions offsite
    • Specify monthly and yearly offsite retention policies
  • Granular SharePoint Restores
    • Use Kroll Ontrack to restore SharePoint objects

      You must have an active Kroll Ontrack license.

  • Continuing support for Microsoft applications:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Microsoft Exchange 2013
    • Microsoft Windows 8 / 2012 (including ReFS)
    • Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 Standalone
    • Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 Clustering
    • Microsoft Hyper-V 2008R2 Clustering
  • Introduction of the Barracuda Backup Agent (Linux):
    • Adds ACL protection
    • Adds alternate stream protection
    • Adds extended attributes protection
  • Parallel VMware Backups:
    • Multiple guests on the same host will be backed up concurrently
  • Improved Restore Browser:
    • Adds ability to search for items
    • Adds ability to select multiple items for restore
  • Advanced Graphs

What's New in Version 5.2

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 5.2

  • Barracuda LiveBoot in the Cloud for VMware:
    • Instantly boot to your VMware virtual machine using Barracuda Networks' deduplicated cloud storage.
    • Centralized management of LiveBoot instances

The following feature has been deprecated in version 5.2

  • Watched Files – The seldomly used Watched Files feature has been deprecated in versions 5.2, and will not be supported for new Barracuda Backup Servers. Note that existing Watched File Rules will continue to function as expected.

What's New in Version 5.1

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 5.1

  • Backup Analytics:
    • View a detailed list of large items by source or file name in the REPORTS > Large Items page.

What's New in Version 5.0

The following new major features are added to Barracuda Backup version 5.0

  • Barracuda LiveBoot for VMware:
    • Instantly boot to your VMware environment any backed up snapshot using de-duplicated storage on Barracuda Backup Server
  • Barracuda LiveBrowse for VMware:
    • View and traverse file structure inside all backed up VMware snapshots
    • Download Files and Directories within VMware snapshots
  • Improved Restore Browser:
    • Cloud UI Restore Browser displays in the Barracuda Backup web interface
    • Download file system directories as ZIP files
    • Download email mailboxes and folders as ZIP files
  • Reporting:
    • Cloud UI Reports available in the Barracuda Backup web interface
    • Size, Duration, Speed, and Type details are included in Reports
    • Enhanced Backup and Restore reporting data organization


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