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Resolve the "EWS connection error" for Specific Users in Message-Level Backup

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This article applies to Microsoft Exchange 2010 Message-Level backup.

When the NT AUTHORITY/SELF permission is removed from a user, 'EWS connection error' is generated in an Exchange 2010 Message-Level backup:

To resolve this error:

  1. Log in to the Exchange server, and open the Exchange Management Console (EMC).
  2. Expand Recipient Configuration, and click Mailbox.
  3. Navigate to and right-click the user, and click Manage Full access Permission.
  4. Verify that the NT AUTHORITY/SELF permission is missing from the list, and then click Add.
  5. Type self in the search field, and click Find Now:
  6. Click OK. The permission is added to the list:
  7. Click Manage, and then click Finish to update the user permissions.
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