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Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup Replacement and Data Migration FAQ

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What do I do if I need my migration to start immediately?

If you are in a disaster or data recovery scenario and require the data migration process to be prioritized and begin immediately, notify the Barracuda migrations team member when you reply to the data migrations email. You can also contact the migrations team at BBSMigrations_team@barracuda.com.

How long should I expect the data migration to take?

The metadata transfer is the most important part of the data migration process. Once the metadata pull s complete, backups run on schedule and the backup device has full functionality. The metadata pull can take up to 48 hours, but in most cases can be accomplished in just a few hours. The time it takes for the metadata pull to complete is dependent upon the size of the dataset, the Barracuda Backup model, and customer bandwidth and/or network performance.

The binary data transfer usually takes a bit longer than the metadata transfer and is done in the background while the replacement device is running normally. Binary data transfers can range from several hours to days or even weeks, depending on the size of the dataset, the Barracuda Backup model, and customer bandwidth and/or network performance. Another factor affecting the binary data transfer is the available processing resources on the Barracuda Backup device. Devices that are performing backups around the clock, heavy offsite replication, and data purging will negatively impact the binary data transfer.

When will my backups run?Backup jobs are kicked off as soon as the metadata pull is complete. After that, all scheduled backup jobs run per the configured schedule time.
Will Barracuda contact me with an update once the binary data transfer has begun?No. If you would like an update on the progress of the binary data transfer, contact the migrations team at BBSMigrations_team@barracuda.com. Make sure to include your device serial number and/or the case number in the email.
Will my data be secure during the migration process?Yes. Data being transferred from the old/existing device to the new/replacement device is on the customer LAN and presumably behind the customer firewall. Data pulled down from the cloud to the new/replacement device is transferred in its encrypted state until it reaches the new/replacement device where it is then unencrypted.
Can I restore data during the migration?Yes. If transferring data from an old/existing Barracuda Backup device, the migration process can be paused while recovery is performed. If the data is being transferred from the cloud, once the metadata pull is complete, a restore job can be initiated and the data is recovered directly from the cloud.
Can I select the servers or backup sets that are migrated?No. The replacement/data migration process is all or nothing.



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