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Barracuda Backup

Port Usage

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The following tables describe network ports that must be opened in your network firewall or web filtering services to ensure proper communication of the Barracuda Backup appliance with backup infrastructure components.

In addition to the ports below for Barracuda Backup, all Barracuda Networks appliances must have other required outbound connections set up. For more information, refer to Required Outbound Connections for Barracuda Appliances.

You must configure a valid external DNS to resolve to certain Barracuda Networks infrastructure components requiring DNS entries.

Table 1. Barracuda Backup Connections
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Data CentersTCP/UDP22Used for Barracuda Networks support tunnel (described in the Technical Support article).
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Data CentersHTTP/TCP/UDP80Used for activation and connection to local user interface.
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Data CentersTCP/UDP123Used for time sync with Barracuda Networks NTP server(s). For example,
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Data CentersHTTP/TCP/UDP443Used for activation and connection to local user interface.
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Data CentersTCP/UDP1194OpenVPN port used to manage device from Barracuda Cloud Control.
Barracuda Backup DeviceBarracuda Networks Backup AgentTCP/UDP5120Used for communication with Barracuda Backup Agent service.
Barracuda Backup DeviceReplication Targets
(Barracuda Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Barracuda Backup device)
TCP/UDP5121-5129Used for offsite data replication.
Table 2. Virtual Infrastructure

For a list of additional ports specific to VMware, refer to Understanding Which Ports to Open for VMware Accessibility.

Barracuda Backup DevicevCenter ServerHTTPS TCP443Default port used for connections to vCenter Server.
Barracuda Backup DevicevCenter ServerHTTPS TCP10443Used for communication with vCenter Server.
Barracuda Backup DeviceESX(i) ServerHTTPS TCP443

Default port used for connections to ESX(i) host. Not required if vCenter connection is used.

Barracuda Backup DeviceESX(i) ServerTCP902Used for data transfer to ESX(i) host.
Barracuda Backup DeviceESX(i) ServerTCP22Used as a control channel.

Data Transfer IP Ranges

See Barracuda Backup Data Transfer IP Ranges for a list of IP addresses used by the Barracuda Backup appliance.  Firewall and/or web filtering modifications must be made for outbound traffic only. The Barracuda Backup appliance does not require that you open any inbound ports since the appliance initiates the connection to the Barracuda Cloud.