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Barracuda Backup

Deployment Methods

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Barracuda Cloud Storage Deployment

You can deploy a Barracuda Backup appliance with backups stored on Barracuda Cloud Storage. In the following image, a Barracuda Backup appliance is located in a network and its backups are stored in Barracuda Cloud Storage:

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Barracuda Cloud Storage is available by purchasing Unlimited Cloud Storage. Unlimited Cloud Storage allows you to store all of your content without having to manage storage usage limits. There are no data transfer fees, for example, PUTS, GETS, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD. You can also enable offsite vaulting which leverages Barracuda's Cloud Storage service to offload up to 12 monthly and 7 yearly revisions to strictly cloud storage, freeing up disk space on your local Barracuda Backup appliance.

Unlimited Cloud Storage is limited by the maximum capacity of the appliance. Replication from box-to-cloud and box-to-box is simply a mirror of the data backed up on the source, with the exception of offsite vaulting. If offsite vaulting is configured, it is possible for more data to be stored in the cloud or on another appliance configured as a replication target. Keep in mind that data replicated to Barracuda Cloud Storage or to a secondary appliance is stored in a compressed state so the actual usage is less than what is stored on the source appliance.

Unlimited Cloud Storage mirrors content offsite based on your retention policies. As noted above, you can enable offsite vaulting to purge data from the local cache. Contact your Barracuda Sales Representative for Unlimited Cloud Storage pricing.

Site-to-Site Deployment

In a site-to-site deployment, a Barracuda Backup appliance acts as a backup or "private cloud" to replicate data from one or more Barracuda Backup appliances. Each Barracuda Backup appliance can send data to one or more other Barracuda Backup appliances. In the following image, a target Barracuda Backup appliance acts as a backup to two other Barracuda Backup appliances:


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