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Barracuda Backup

Administration for Resellers

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This section applies to Partner/Reseller accounts only and assumes you have completed the initial appliance setup.

Add Customers to the Partner Tab

Use the following steps to add customers to the Partner tab in Barracuda Cloud Control:

  1. Log in to using your partner login credentials, and click Home in the left pane.
  2. Go to Partner > Customer Accounts.
  3. In the Manage Customer Accounts page, click Add Customer. The Add Customer Account dialog box displays.
  4. Enter the Customer Account Name, the Customer Admin Name, the Customer Admin Email Address, and click Check for Availability.

  5. The Partner Admins and Entitlements sections display. Click on a partner administrator name, and select the associated entitlements for that user. Complete this step for each partner administrator who is to have access to this customer account.

  6. Click Create Customer. The customer is added to the Manage Customer Accounts list in the Partner tab.
  7. Once the customer is created, your partner information is added to their Admin > Users page when they log in to Barracuda Cloud Control.

Manage Accounts and Barracuda Backup Appliances as a Reseller

When you log in to Barracuda Cloud Control, and click the Barracuda Backup backup_icon.png tab, the reseller account and its associated Barracuda Backup appliances display. From this view, you can select to load all devices across all accounts to view the overview statistics.

The Barracuda Backup appliance must be linked online before backups can be initiated. You must have billing information (credit card recommended) to complete the linking process.

  1. Go to, and log in using your credentials.

    Click Backup in the left pane. Your customer accounts display in the left pane including linked Barracuda Backup appliance status:

    Health Indicators
    HealthGood.png – Health is good
    HealthRisk.png – Health is at risk (warning)
    HealthCritical.png – Health is critical

  2. Once you are logged in, the status of all of the Barracuda Backup appliances linked to your account display:
  3. Click on a Barracuda Backup appliance in the left pane, or click on an appliance in the Barracuda Backup Appliances list to select and manage a specific appliance.
  4. To switch to an account for a specific client, click Home in the left pane:
  5. The Admin page displays. From the Current Account drop-down list, select the client account you want to manage:

    Switching to a client account allows you to manage account-specific information such as creating, editing, and removing users, viewing Barracuda Backup appliance and service status, viewing an audit log, managing billing, and configuring account security and authentication.

  6. Once you select the account, click Backup in the left pane to return to the Barracuda Backup Dashboard to select specific appliances to manage.
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