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Barracuda Backup

Configure Data Sources

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Identify the data sources – servers, virtual machines (VMs), shares – that need to be protected and use the methods described in About Barracuda Backup and How Backup Works to determine the best backup strategy for your environment. To configure a data source in Barracuda Backup:

  1. Log into Barracuda Backup and select the associated Barracuda Backup device in the left pane or in the devices table (for customers with multiple Barracuda Backup devices).
  2. Go to the Backup > Sources page, and click Add a Computer to identify the system.
  3. Complete the following information on the Add a Computer page:
    1. Computer description
    2. Computer name
    3. Computer type
    4. (Optional) Enable File Share Backup
  4. Once a computer is added, click Save. The Add Data Source page displays. Configure any source-specific options, the backup schedule name, the offsite replication destination, then click Save.

    It is possible for a computer to have multiple data sources configured. An example of this would be a Microsoft Exchange Server which has a Barracuda Backup Agent data source to protect the file system, Exchange databases, and system state and an Exchange Message-Level data source to provide granular email recovery.

  5. Once the data source is configured, the Schedules page displays. For more information on scheduling backups, see Backup Scheduling.

For more information, see Protecting Data Sources and select the data source to protect.


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