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Barracuda Backup

Configure an Offsite Replication Destination

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Barracuda Backup supports replication of backed up data to the following offsite replication destinations:

While Barracuda Backup supports multiple offsite replication destinations, only a single cloud destination is supported at this time. A cloud destination is either Barracuda Cloud Storage or AWS.

For all replication destinations, it is recommended that the ports listed in table 1 are open on your corporate firewall to allow for proper communication and data transfer.

Table 1. Ports.
22OutboundYesNoSupport Tunnel (see Technical Support article)
80OutboundYesYesCommunication (Web)
443OutboundYesYesCommunication (Web)
1194OutboundYesYesCommunication (VPN)
5120-5129*OutboundYesYesPorts used for replicating data offsite

*Barracuda Backup uses these ports to securely transfer data over the Internet to the offsite replication destination. Contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support to restrict outbound network traffic on these ports to only reach Barracuda Networks.

Figure 1. Replication Web Interface.


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