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Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup Vx Replication

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You can replicate data to multiple locations using a Barracuda Backup Vx. For example, if you want a copy of your data at a secondary location within your organization and another copy of the same data within Barracuda Cloud Storage, then replication and bandwidth rate limits are configured for both locations.

Table 2 lists the Barracuda Backup Vx supported replication options.

Table 2. Barracuda Backup Vx Replication Options.

Replication Target Direction Type Licensing
Barracuda Cloud Storage One way Site-to-cloud Per TB per year
Receiver Vx (1) One way Site-to-site Included
Backup Vx (2) Bi-directional Site-to-site (3) Included
Backup Appliance (3) Bi-directional Site-to-Site (3) Included

(1) The Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx is included at no additional cost with the Barracuda Backup Vx as a dedicated virtual replication target. The Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx does not support local backups and can only receive data from one sender.
(2) Two or more virtual appliances that are backing up data are capable of bi-directional replication amongst each other, similar to a site-to-site deployment among physical Barracuda Backup appliances.
(3) For site-to-site replication instead of cloud storage, Barracuda provides a free Receiver Vx for offsite storage with limited functionality.

A separate subscription is available to enable replication from a physical appliance to a dedicated Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx is available. You cannot replicate multiple physical appliances to a Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx.

For MSPs, Barracuda's strategy is to build the best cloud infrastructure. Additionally, if an MSP wants to replicate customer data to a single, very large Barracuda Backup Vx and host their own cloud, then:

  • Data replication to a Receiver Vx is limited to 1:1
  • Site-to-site replication is not as good as replication to Barracuda Cloud Storage

Additional notes:

  • A Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx cannot back up data, only a licensed Barracuda Backup Vx can back up data. The Barracuda Backup Receiver Vx can only receive data from a single, licensed Barracuda Backup Vx or from a single physical appliance with a Virtual Receiver subscription.
  • The Unlimited Cloud Storage plan is not available with the Barracuda Backup Vx
  • Replication among Barracuda Backup Vx appliances is limited to 1:1
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