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Barracuda Backup

Determine if the Barracuda Backup Vx Suits Your Environment

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Barracuda Backup Vx protects all of the same environments as the physical Barracuda Backup appliances including both virtual and physical.

To determine if Barracuda Backup Vx suits your environment, consider the questions in Table 1.

Table 1. Determine if Barracuda Backup Vx Suits Your Environment.

Are you using either VMware or Hyper-V for your virtual environment?

Barracuda Backup Vx can be deployed to both VMware and Hyper-V, but cannot be deployed to Citrix XenServer or Red Hat KVM.

Do you have either a dedicated virtual host or enough leftover resources (CPU, RAM) to add a virtual appliance to your current virtual infrastructure? Refer to the Backup Vx System Requirements for exact specifications.
Do you have enough storage attached to your virtual environment to back up your current data set? Refer to the Backup Vx System Requirements for exact specifications.
How much data do you need to back up?

A single Barracuda Backup Vx is best suited to backup up to 20 TB. For data sets over this size, involve a Barracuda Sales Engineer.

If you meet these requirements, then you are most likely a good candidate for the Barracuda Backup Vx. If you do not have enough computer resources or storage, then a physical Barracuda Backup appliance is most likely the best option.

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