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Barracuda Backup

Network File Share Backup Retention

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Removed or deleted Agent (File, System State, Hyper-V, Exchange and SQL databases) and VMware files are retained based on the day in which they were backed up and the length specified in the configured retention policy. For example, if you are backing up a file every day, with a 7-day (daily) retention policy configured, and the file is removed or deleted, Barracuda Backup retains that deleted file for 7 days.

Network file share backups retain removed or deleted files a bit differently from Agent and VMware data. When a file is deleted and detected during a network file share backup, the deleted file is held for the longest period of time specified in the retention policy. For example, if a retention policy specifies 7 daily revisions, 4 weekly revisions, 12 monthly revisions, and 3 yearly revisions, the deleted file is retained for 3 years before being purged from Barracuda Backup.

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