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Barracuda Backup

Create a Retention Policy

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Note that data between the Barracuda Backup device and the offsite replication destination is mirrored for each data source configured to replicate offsite. The only exception to this is if the offsite vaulting feature is configured within each retention policy.

Use caution when modifying a retention policy as the policy reflects changes on both the local appliance and the offsite replication destination.

Like backup schedules, you can create a single retention policy for all data sources or create multiple retention policies for groups of similar data or a policy for each data source. To create a retention policy:

  1. Log into Barracuda Backup and select the associated Barracuda Backup device in the left pane or in the devices table (for customers with multiple Barracuda Backup devices).
  2. Go to the Backup > Retention Policies page, and click Add a Retention Policy to create a new backup retention policy.

    A default retention policy is automatically created when data sources are first added to Barracuda Backup. You can edit or remove this default retention policy by clicking on the Edit or Remove links on the Retention Policies page.

  3. Complete the following information on the Add a Retention Policy page:

    • Policy name

    • Items to Retain

    • Retention Timeline

    • Email Messages Timeline (If Exchange Message-Level backup is configured)

  4. Once the retention policy is configured, click Save.

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