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Barracuda Backup

Pause Offsite Replication

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You can temporarily disable the site-to-site replication feature for one or more destinations. Pausing replication causes data from the appliance to be queued for 24 hours; data replication automatically resumes after 24 hours. For example, this allows you to move the destination system to a remote location without getting replication errors. If the 24 hours pass without manually re-enabling this feature, the Barracuda Backup appliances attempt to communicate with each other and, if successful, perform replication.

To temporarily disable site-to-site replication, go to the Backup > Replication page. In the Sending Data To table, click on the Settings link beside the destination Barracuda Backup appliance. On the Replication Target Settings page, clear Enable data replication.

Offsite replication can only be paused on Barracuda Backup devices acting as offsite replication destinations. Offsite replication to Barracuda Cloud Storage and AWS cannot be paused.

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