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Barracuda Backup

Restore Data from a Replication Destination

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To restore from a replication destination,

  1. Log in to the Barracuda Backup web interface, and select the receiving Barracuda Backup appliance from which to restore.
  2. Go to the Restore > Restore Browser page, and in the left pane select the sending Barracuda Backup appliance from which you are receiving data:
  3. Expand the sending Barracuda Backup appliance to review its backup sources, and click on the server or computer from which to restore; the contents displays in the right pane:
  4. In the Contents section, click Restore next to the file or directory you wish to restore; the Restore window displays.
  5. In the Restore to field, enter the hostname or IP address of the restore to location. In the Path section, select the Original Path, or designate a new location.
  6. Click Start Restore. Once the restore is complete, go to Reports > Restore to verify the restore completed successfully.