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Barracuda Backup

Restore a VMware vSphere Virtual Machine

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Use the following steps to restore a VMware vSphere virtual machine (VM) back to the original location or an alternate location:

  1. Log in to the Barracuda Backup web interface, and go to the Restore > Restore Browser page.
  2. Expand the VMware data source on the left, and click on the VM you want to restore; all available revisions display.
  3. Click Restore to the right of the revision to restore.
  4. In the Restore dialog box, select the following options:
    1. Restore to – Select where the vVM is to be restored. Vmware VMs can be restored to a different host or cluster. For restores to alternate hosts managed by a vCenter server, you must use the vCenter server address and credentials. Restores directly to an ESXi host managed by vCenter will fail.
    2. VM Name– Select whether to use the default or enter a new name.
    3. Overwrite – When selected, the restore overwrites existing data for any existing VM with the same name.

      Click More options to specify which virtual hardware components get restored with the VM.

  5. Click Start Restore.

To view the restore progress, go to the Reports > Restore page.

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