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Barracuda Backup

Audit Log Report

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The Reports > Audit Log page displays a list of all activities initiated in the Barracuda Backup appliance. In this view you can browse through the list, search by user name, or filter by start/end dates. Additionally, you can specify whether to include login and admin actions in the audit log. If additional information is available, click Details to view activity specifics.

The following table lists the primary audit logging details available in the Reports > Audit Log page:

Log Type Details
Event Logging
  • User login(1)
  • Start restore
  • Abort restore(2)
  • Start backup
  • Abort backup(2)
  • Restore browser download
  • Started purge process
  • Barracuda LiveBoot in the cloud
Change Logging

Backup > Sources page:

  • Add/remove/edit data source
  • Server settings (for example, server name, type, hostname, username, password, etc.)
  • Add/remove/edit share
  • Share settings (name, type, etc.)
  • Object tree (files, folders, mailboxes)

Backup > Replication page:

  • Add/remove destinations
  • Add/remove replication target
  • Multiple share disablement of replication ('disable all replication to [server name]')(3)
  • Enable/disable sending to Barracuda Control Server(3)
  • Details of Add replication target(4)

Backup > Schedules page:

  • Add/remove schedule
  • General schedule settings (name, date/time, repeat interval, etc.)
  • Server/share/object tree

Backup > Rate Limit page:

  • General settings (mode, percentage, alternate rate, alternate rate schedule, etc.)

Backup > Exclusions page:

  • Add/remove exclusion rules
  • General exclusion rule settings (name, add to reports, apply recursively, etc.)
  • Server/share/object tree
  • Expressions

Backup > Retention Policies page:

  • Add/remove retention policy
  • General retention policy settings (name, retention timeline, etc.)
  • Server/share/object tree

System > Firmware page:

  • Firmware upgrade

System > BBS Settings page:

  • General settings (group name, time zone, etc.)

Admin > Users page:(1)
IP restrictions
Account permissions (Barracuda Backup Server permissions)


Admin > Email Notifications page:

  • Add/remove alerts to email addresses

Admin > Display Groups page:

  • Add/remove display group

(1) Entries display in audit log when Include log in and admin actions is selected on Reports > Audit Log.
(2) Because the audit log entry is incomplete, the job name does not display for this entry.
(3) Event is not logged.
(4) Only the name of the replication target is included in audit log.

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