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Barracuda Backup

Firmware Upgrade Policy and Supported Versions

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Firmware Upgrade Policy

Verify you are running at least the Legacy Release firmware to ensure compatibility with the Barracuda Backup cloud UI and services such as replication. Firmware versions older than the latest Legacy Release are not supported.

Energize Updates 

Barracuda Backup requires an Energize Updates subscription for firmware upgrades and Technical Support. Energize Updates are also required to maintain compatibility with the Barracuda Backup Cloud (accessed through login.barracuda.com). Barracuda Backup performs updates to the cloud to maintain compatibility with the latest legacy, general, or early release firmware versions. Barracuda Backup devices with expired Energize Updates running unsupported firmware versions may experience difficulties using the Barracuda Backup Cloud for management as well as services such as data replication.

This does not apply to the local web-based management interface which is accessible for restores or the Local Control management option. 
If your Energize Updates Subscription expires, contact Barracuda Sales to renew your subscriptions.

Note that Barracuda Backup devices managed using Local Control (independent of Barracuda Cloud Control) has access to firmware releases on a delayed schedule. 

Automatic Firmware Upgrades

Barracuda Backup enables administrators to perform manual upgrades at a time that is convenient, however, Barracuda performs automatic upgrades for Barracuda Backup devices with an active Energize Update subscription if they are running unsupported firmware versions.

After a major firmware version has completed the rollout phase, Barracuda sends an upgrade notification, providing 30-day's notice before the upgrade takes place. This notification includes information on new features, bug fixes, and end-of-life announcements. You must subscribe to email notices to receive the upgrade notifications. 

Devices connected via site-to-site replication must be running matching firmware versions to ensure compatibility.

Firmware Release Example

Note that the information listed in the table below may not be current. Go to the System > Firmware Settings page in the web interface for the latest firmware availability.

To view all historical firmware releases, refer to Minimum Supported Versions and Historic Releases below


Major Firmware

Latest Maintenance Release

Firmware Upgrade

Version 6.4


Early Release

Version 6.3


General Release

Version 6.2


Legacy Release

Early Release firmware is subject to partial testing. Be aware of the risks before upgrading as firmware versions cannot be reverted.

Minimum Supported Versions and Historic Releases

To ensure interoperability with Barracuda Cloud Control, cloud connected Barracuda Backup systems must run the latest firmware version. Download and install the latest available firmware from the System > Firmware Settings in the web interface. Additionally:

  • You must have an active Energize Update (EU) subscription and be running the latest minimum supported firmware for Barracuda Cloud Control support
  • Firmware version must be upgraded to the latest version (legacy, general, or early)
  • If firmware version is not maintained, you will lose interoperability with Barracuda Cloud Control; the local restore browser remains accessible for data recovery
  • If your Barracuda Backup product no longer has EU, and there is no intention to renew EU, you can restore from the local UI to manage the system independent of Barracuda Cloud Control


Table 1. Minimum Supported Versions


Current Major Release

Release Date

Minimum Supported Versions

Legacy Release

General Release

Early Release


June 6, 2017

  • Firmware version 6.3
  • Barracuda Backup Agent 6.3.04 (Windows)
  • Barracuda Backup Agent 6.3.04 (Linux)
  • Bare Metal Live CD 6.3.04 (64-bit)
  • Bare Metal Live CD 6.3.04 (32-b it)
  • GroupWise Trusted Application Key Generator
  • Backup Export Tool Archive (BET)
  • Offsite Vaulting
  • Cloud LiveBoot
  • Microsoft Windows, Exchange, SQL, and Hyper-V support
  • VMware support 
  • SIte-to-site replication
  • Supported servers and data types




Table 2. Historic Releases 


Version Release Date

Main Feature(s)



June 6, 2017

New Dashboard

Configure Barracuda Backup Vx to replicate to a physical appliance

  • The Dashboard has been redesigned for an improved the user experience. When looking at their backup account, customers and resellers will get an aggregate view of all their units. This view changes during Barracuda Backup appliance selection to view specific detail about a selected unit.
  • You can configure the Barracuda Backup Vx appliance to replicate bi-directionally to another Barracuda Backup Vx or to a Barracuda Backup appliance.
  • With a Receiver Vx subscription, you can pair a physical appliance and a Barracuda Receiver Vx, one-to-one. Replication from physical appliances to a Receiver Vx is limited to Barracuda Backup models 190 through 690.


July 25, 2016

Backup Agent Update and exporting to AWS Storage Gateway-VTL

Boosts initial backup speed and recovery performance by up to 1.5-2x on large files and up to 3x for file server backups with millions of small files with the Barracuda Backup Agent for Windows and Linux.


August 2015

Backup Summary Report

New Barracuda Backup Summary Report, reporting downloads and improved granularity for scheduling.


June 2015

Export to tape or disk

Export historical data from Barracuda Backup using the Backup Export Tool.


September 2014

Local Control

Administer your Barracuda Backup appliance independently of Barracuda Networks' Cloud in a "connectionless" state.


January 2014

Offsite Vaulting

Extend offsite retention policies for up to twelve monthly and seven yearly revisions.


September 2013

  • Microsoft Windows 8/2012
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 CSV

Support for Microsoft's latest version of Windows, Exchange, SQL, and Hyper-V.


May 2013

Cloud LiveBoot

Instantly boot a virtual machine from Barracuda's Cloud.


February 2013

Restore to Copy Large Items Reporting

Restore data to a Copy account for synchronization and sharing.


December 2012


Boot a virtual server instantly from Barracuda's local storage.


July 2012

Barracuda Backup 1090 64-bit hardware

New high capacity backup appliance and update all systems to the 64-bit architecture.


April 2012

VMware Support

Agentless VMware backups using the vStorage APIs.


November 2011

Bare Metal Recovery

Perform a full system restore without installing the operating system.
Deprecated support for Windows 2000.


June 2011 Box-to-box replication Offsite replication between Barracuda Backup appliances

How to Manually Upgrade Firmware

When the Barracuda Backup firmware is updated, all associated Agents are automatically updated to the latest build when the scheduled backup runs.

Upon upgrading to a major firmware version, the Backup Agent performs a one-off consistency check which may result in a longer running backup schedule.

To manually upgrade Barracuda Backup firmware: 

  1. Log into Barracuda Backup, and go to the SYSTEM > Firmware page.
  2. From the Firmware Upgrade Policy drop-down menu, select Manual.
  3. In the Manual Firmware Update Availability section, click on the firmware release you wish to download to your local system.
  4. Upload the firmware using the tools in the Barracuda Backup Appliance Firmware section.
    Click Save at the top of the page once the firmware upgrade is complete.

Review the Release Notes after upgrading your firmware for important updates.

How to Upgrade Firmware

When you log in to the Barracuda Backup web interface, if there is a newer version of firmware available (based on the currently selected Firmware Upgrade Policy), the Dashboard page displays a notification banner across the top of the page. Click Upgrade Now to proceed to the System > Firmware Settings page to upgrade your firmware, or click Dismiss to hide the banner until the next time you log into the web interface.

When the Barracuda Backup firmware is updated, all associated Agents are automatically updated to the latest build when the scheduled backup runs.

Upon upgrading to a major firmware version, the Backup Agent performs a one-off consistency check which may result in a longer running backup schedule.

To upgrade Barracuda Backup firmware: 

  1. Log in to Barracuda Backup, and go to the System > Firmware Settings page.
  2. From the Firmware Upgrade Policy drop-down menu, select the upgrade policy from the following options:
    • Legacy Release – Access a previously installed version of the firmware; do not select this option unless directed to do so by Barracuda Networks Technical Support.
    • General Release – The latest generally available version of the firmware available for use on Barracuda Backup; recommended.
    • Early Release – The newest firmware versions available for early access to Barracuda Backup; do not select this option until thoroughly reading the release notes.
  3. Click Check for new firmware, and allow the system to check for a newer version of firmware.
  4. If a new firmware release is available, click Upgrade Now and allow the system to update.
  5. Click Save at the top of the page once the firmware upgrade is complete.

Review the Release Notes after upgrading your firmware for important updates.

How to Upgrade Firmware on a Local Control Appliance 

Local Control is no longer available to new customers, but will continue to be supported for existing customers. 

This article refers to the Barracuda Backup Legacy Release firmware or newer in Local Control.

Before enabling Local Control, to receive firmware update notifications, you must configure an email contact within Barracuda Cloud Control. This is usually the email account you use when setting up your Barracuda Cloud Control account. 

To upgrade the firmware on a Local Control appliance: 

  1. Log into the Barracuda Backup Local Control web interface, and go to the System > Firmware page.
  2. Click download the newest Firmware Package:
  3. Save the firmware package to your local system:
  4. In the web interface, to the right of Firmware Package file, click Browse, and select the firmware package you downloaded to your local system:
  5. Once the file is selected, click Upload Firmware Package:
  6. The firmware package is now loaded. Click Upgrade Now to begin the firmware upgrade:
  7. Allow the upgrade to complete; this may take up to 10 minutes. A notification displays when the upgrade process is complete:
  8. Click OK to close the notification. Allow approximately 10 minutes for services to update and restart. Refresh your browser to see the changes in the web interface.



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