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Barracuda Backup

Storage Pools

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Storage pools are storage capacity aggregated from disparate physical storage resources in a shared storage environment.

Storage pools can be configured in varying sizes and provide several benefits, including performance, management and data protection improvements. Pools can be provisioned to include any amount of capacity and use any combination of physical storage space in a storage area network (SAN). In virtual server environments, virtual machines (VMs) can be stored on dedicated pools, ensuring critical VMs have access to the proper amount of storage.

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Barracuda Backup Support for VMware Storage Pools

Barracuda LiveBrowse granular file and folder recovery and Cloud LiveBoot do not support VMware storage pools. These recovery features require the VMware storage pool mapping to be intact. If you require granular file and folder recovery of VMware virtual machines, Barracuda Networks recommends using the Barracuda Backup Agent to supplement protection.

Entire VMware virtual machine recovery and LiveBoot (local) recovery do support VMware storage pools. Storage pools are supported by these recovery features due to the vCenter server involvement with recovery.