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Barracuda Backup

Recovering from Disaster with Barracuda Backup

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Natural disasters and other unexpected catastrophic events can have a negative impact on your business and the ability to continue your daily operations – especially if they occur where both your primary and data backup are located.

Data Recovery Options

You must have active subscriptions for Energize Updates and Instant Replacement to use any of the following data recovery options.

The following recovery options are available, based on where your data is replicated:

  • If data is replicated to the Barracuda Cloud or AWS:
    • Barracuda ships a replacement appliance to you, and then you download the data from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS, via the Internet.
    • Using the Barracuda Data Recovery Service, Barracuda preloads your data to a temporary replacement appliance at a Barracuda data center and sends it to you.  

  • If data is replicated to another Barracuda Backup appliance or virtual appliance:
    • Barracuda ships a replacement appliance to you, and then you download the data from the Barracuda Backup appliance or virtual appliance acting as the replication target.

Replacement Processes

In the event of a disaster, notify Barracuda Technical Support of the incident. Barracuda ships a replacement appliance overnight to your preferred location within 1-2 business days.

Typical Replacement Process with the Cloud

When you receive the unit, you will work with Barracuda Technical Support to download your data from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS onto your replacement unit.

When the Barracuda Backup device configuration downloads onto the replacement unit, you can begin restoring your data to your infrastructure. During restoration, data downloaded from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS onto the replacement unit takes priority. The replacement Barracuda Backup unit acts as a gateway between the cloud and the restoration target. The length of the replacement and restoration process depends on your bandwidth and the amount of data downloaded from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS.

Typical Replacement Process with an Appliance

If you are replicating data to another Barracuda Backup device, the restoration process is the same, but data is downloaded from the replication target instead of from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS. You can also restore data directly from the replication target to new servers and infrastructure.

Data Recovery Service

The Barracuda Data Recovery Service is available only to customers replicating data to the Barracuda Cloud or AWS and who are in a disaster scenario where both primary and backup data are completely destroyed.

If you need to recover data from a disaster, you might be concerned about the time and expense of replicating data across the Internet.

If you have an active Instant Replacement subscription, you can take advantage of Barracuda’s Data Recovery Service. With Barracuda’s Data Recovery Service, a Barracuda engineer downloads your data onto a temporary replacement device at a Barracuda data center, eliminating your having to download data across the Internet.

The following steps are performed during the Data Recovery Service process:

  1. Contact Barracuda Technical Support to open a case, request Data Recovery Service, and inform Barracuda Technical Support of where to send the temporary Barracuda Backup replacement unit.
  2. A Barracuda engineer receives a temporary replacement unit from Barracuda Technical Support and copies your data from the Barracuda Cloud or AWS onto the temporary unit at a Barracuda data center. The engineer ships the unit to you overnight.

    The amount of time required for data to load to the unit depends on the amount and type of data. For example, environments containing numerous small files (less than 1MB) will take longer to load than environments containing fewer , larger files such as VMDKs and VHDs.

  3. When you receive the unit, Barracuda Technical Support is available to assist you with restoring your data and returning the temporary unit back to Barracuda.

For some customers, the typical method where a replacement unit is sent to your location immediately is a better option than using the Barracuda Data Recovery Service. You can begin the process of data restoration almost immediately, rather than waiting for a potentially large set of data to load to an appliance.

For more information, see Instant Replacement on the Barracuda website.

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