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Barracuda Backup

Security, Compliance, and Certification

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Barracuda Backup addresses the security and compliance requirements for a wide range of industry-specific regulations. This article provides a consolidated list of Barracuda’s security policies, certifications, product security, and FAQs.

To view the latest security, compliance, legal, and privacy information, please visit the Barracuda Trust Center. For additional questions, contact our legal team at

Barracuda Networks Security and Compliance Overview

This article covers Barracuda’s policies regarding data ownership and protection. The following topics are addressed:

  • Organizational Controls
  • Privacy and Control Mechanisms
  • Barracuda Employees
  • Training
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Security
  • Data Location
  • Redundancy
  • Platform Security
  • Access to your data
  • Separation of your data
  • Ensuring Control and Security of Your Data
  • HIPAA Business Associate

Barracuda Backup Appliance Security Overview

This document describes product security measures and data storage policies that are specific to Barracuda Backup. The following topics are addressed:

  • Product Security
  • Access Control, Data Transmission and Data Storage Data Center Location
  • Data Center Location

Data Privacy

This article covers Barracuda’s policies regarding data ownership.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Barracuda Backup creates secure, redundant, real-time, 256-bit AES encrypted backup of your offsite replicated data. Backups can be replicated to an off-site physical or virtual appliance, to the Barracuda Cloud, or to Amazon Web Services. This protects data against ransomware and other criminal attacks, along with natural disasters, hardware failures, and human error.

HIPAA Compliance with Barracuda Backup

ISO and/or SOC II Compliance

Each Barracuda data center is ISO and/or SOC 2 Type II certified.

To request ISO and/or SOC reports, please visit the Self Service Center on the Barracuda Trust Center website.


Barracuda Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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