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Barracuda Backup

How often is my data backed up on the Barracuda Backup Server? How do I create a backup schedule?

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All Barracuda Backup Servers, all firmware versions.


When your Barracuda Backup System is installed, it collects the data from each of your specified servers and shares for the first time during an initial backup period. After your initial backup is complete, you can set the backup to check for changed and new data as often as you like. When the backup identifies new or changed information, it analyzes each file at the bit level and only copies and transfers the new bit sequences in the files themselves. This technique saves on bandwidth and keeps the cost down for storing multiple revisions of the same file over time.


By default all servers and shares are scheduled to be backed up nightly at 8 PM Local Time. If you have a computer and share that does not have a schedule applied to it, it will be backed up using this default schedule. Alternatively, you can create a custom backup schedule to be applied to individual servers, or all servers.


Creating a New Backup Schedule

  1. Go to the Settings > Backup Schedules page of the Barracuda Backup Service web interface.
  2. Click Add a Schedule and define the field values as follows:
    - Schedule Name. A name used to identify the schedule.

    - Items to Backup. A list of the servers and shares to be backed up.
    - Schedule Timeline. The days the backup schedule should run.
    - Daily Backup Timeline. The time the backup should run on each of the selected days.
      You can also choose to repeat the backup schedule at specified intervals throughout the day.
    - Agent Details. The type of backup to run for data which is being backed up by the software Agent.
  3. Click Save Changes to save the schedule.
If you are scheduling a backup with the Barracuda Backup Agent you will need to specify the type of backup to run on your SQL and Exchange data bases if you have them on a data source. The backup options are Complete, Log or Smart.
  • Complete = performs a full backup of the Exchange Storage Groups or the SQL databases and the transaction logs. The transaction logs are truncated (cleared) of inactive transactions each time a backup is run. 
  • Log = only backs up the transaction logs which have been collected since the last full backup.
  • Smart = is a combination of the full backup and the transaction log backup. 
With the Smart backup type, threshold values are used to determine when to switch between full and log backups. The minimum threshold value specifies how many days the backup server will continue to backup transaction logs before another full backup is run. Once the minimum threshold value is met, the Barracuda Backup Server examines the binary data queue to check whether it is low enough to handle another full backup. Based on the binary data queue size, either a full backup is run or the transaction log backup will continue until the maximum threshold level is met. 

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