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Barracuda Backup

How long is my data stored on the Barracuda Backup Server? How do I create a retention policy?

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Solution #00003877

All Barracuda Backup Servers, all firmware versions.


The retention and purging of data is managed by policies created through the Settings > Retention Policies page of the Barracuda Backup Service Web interface. Retention Policies tell the Barracuda Backup Service what data to retain and how long to retain it.


Each file that is backed up can have multiple revisions stored; these revisions represent different versions of the backed up file over time. When you decide to delete or purge your data, you are removing it from both the local backup server and the offsite storage locations. This is important to note since once your data has been purged, it is gone forever. Purging applies to historic file revisions only, your current data will never be impacted by a retention policy.


Multiple retention policies can be created for different types of data stored in the shares that you are backing up. Follow the steps below to create a retention policy:

  1. Open the Settings > Retention Policies page on the Barracuda Backup Services Web interface.
  2. Click Add a Policy, and then define the field values as follows:
    - Policy Name
    . A name that
    represents what you want to retain and/or purge.

    - Items to Retain. Select which servers and shares the retention policy should be applied to.
    File Timeline/Agent Timeline. How long to keep file revisions or data managed by the Agent.
      You can select from predefined templates, or you can define the increments yourself. You
    can also choose to keep revisions forever or to never keep revisions.
    Keep all revisions.
    Keep daily revisions.
    Keep weekly revisions.
    Keep monthly revisions.
    Keep yearly revisions
    - Removed Files or Email Rules. Specify when removed files or emails are purged. After this
      time period is reached the data will be deleted from your local server and the offsite storage
      location, if you elected to store the data offsite.
  3. Click Save Changes to save the retention policy.

Refer to Solution #00003878 for details on weekly retention logic.

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