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Barracuda Backup

Why am I receiving my Barracuda Backup Reports in .zip format?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00003981


All Barracuda Backup Server, all firmware versions.



If you opted to receive email report notifications, and your backup report exceeds 200000 lines, the report is compressed and attached to the email in a .zip file format. The following message is detailed within the email body:




Your full data backup report has been sent in this e-mail as an attachment instead of displaying in line due to length. You can open this attachment in Excel or another spreadsheet application by opening it as a delimited file by commas. The backup report is separated into sections according to the results. Below is a list of fields included in the report for each reported backup element.


To view the report, download the attachment, and unzip the file to extract the report. Optionally, you can view the report from the Reports > Offsite Backups page of the Barracuda Backup web interface.


Backup Report Field List


Element Type



Condition Type

File ID

File Name

Directory ID


Share ID 


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