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Barracuda Backup

How do I install the Barracuda Backup Agent to work with my Barracuda Backup Service?

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Solution #00003983

All Barracuda Backup Servers, firmware 3.2 and above


The Barracuda Backup Agent allows you to backup Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows System State. The Barracuda Backup Agent Software can be downloaded from the System > Software Downloads page, select the correct Barracuda Backup Agent Link on the Web interface. The agent software will download the server to be backed up if you are accessing from that server if not, you will need to copy it to the server you want to backup.

Installing the Barracuda Backup Agent

  1. Login to the Barracuda Backup Web interface. 
  2. From the System > Software Downloads page, select the link to download the agent software. 
  3. Copy the software to the server(s) you wish to backup and then double click the file to launch the installer.
  4. Click on the Install icon from the installation manager screen.
  5. Click Next to install the software in the installation directory.
  6. A dialog box is displayed indicating "Your installation of Barracuda Backup Agent has been completed." Click OK to close the window.   

The Barracuda Backup Agent runs as a service; the service must be started for the agent to communicate with the Barracuda Backup Server. Click Start > Run and type services.msc <Enter>, to open the Services console and verify that the Barracuda Backup Agent is started.

Now that you have the Barracuda Backup Agent installed on the servers to be backed up, you will need to configure the computer and data source, from the Barracuda Backup Web interface.

Refer to the following solutions for details on using the Barracuda Backup Agent for:

Solution #00004125 - Microsoft SQL Server
Solution #00003871 - Windows System State

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