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How do I create a Disaster Recovery backup using Yosemite Server Backup?

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All Barracuda Backup Servers, all firmware versions, and associated servers running Yosemite Backup Agent, version 8.7.



Yosemite Server Backup provides a Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Agent that allows you to create bootable media used to recover your system configuration, software and data following a system or disk failure. Yosemite Server Backup requires a separate Disaster Recovery license for each machine that will use this feature.


Devices that support bootable media include removable cartridge disk drives, external disk drives connected via USB or Firewire, and tape drives that support One-Button Disaster Recovery. Your computer must be able to boot from a device before it can be used for disaster recovery.


Preparing for Disaster Recovery

  1. Install Yosemite Server Backup and the Bare Metal Disaster Recovery option on each computer that will use disaster recovery.
  2. Create a full backup of your system.
  3. Create the bootable media. It is good practice to create two sets of bootable media in the event the first set fails during disaster recovery.
  4. Test the bootable media to make sure you have created it properly.
  5. If you have backed up to a tape or removable cartridge, be sure to write protect the cartridge after your have tested the media.

Creating a Full Backup Using Yosemite Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

When the Yosemite Bare Metal Disaster Recovery option is installed, Yosemite Server Backup automatically creates disaster recovery media when a full backup is run with the Overwrite all media job option.

  1. Log into Yosemite Server Backup Management interface.
  2. Insert the first disaster recovery media into your bootable device.
  3. Create a backup job using the Backup Local Machine wizard or the New backup job option.
  4. Enter a name for the job, such as Disaster Recovery Backup.
  5. If you are using the New backup job option, click the Selection page and check the box for the local computer.
  6. Select Overwrite all media from the Write mode drop-down list.
  7. On the Options page, make sure the Backup mode is set to Full or Copy.
  8. Select Full verify from the Auto verify mode drop-down list.
  9. Leave the Span Mode set to Restart File.
  10. Enable Encryption/Compression page if applicable.
  11. Click OK. The job appears in the Admin Folder on the Backup page.
  12. Run the job, inserting additional media as required.
  13. Once the backup job is complete, view the log page to view the status of the job.

Creating Bootable Media

Yosemite Server Backup lets you save a Disaster Recovery image to a file, if you do not have a bootable media device available on the local machine. If you use this option, you will need to burn the ISO image to media using a third-party utility.

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